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Features & Benefits:

Hydrant Flags (Spring loaded)

  • FF-1: 53” 

  • FF-2: 72” 

  • Remove one hydrant bolt and install to the hydrant, hardware included.


Features & Benefits:

Hydrant Flags (Looped End)

  • FF-1L: 53”
    FF-2L: 72”
    Simply remove the hydrant’s housing cover and install the flag’s loop over the threaded coupling, reinstall the cover with the flag.

Fireman in Snow Drift with Fire Hydrant

Features & Benefits:

Curb Marker Flags

  • CM-1:  53” Spring loaded Curb Marker

  • CM-2:  72” Spring loaded Curb Marker

  • These curb markers help identify curb stops in parking lots covered by snow, reduces the chance of snow plows hitting them.


Cabinet Marker Flags

  • FF-1C:  53” Spring loaded Cabinet Marker

  • FF-2C:  72” Spring loaded Cabinet Marker

  • These units can be bolted to the side of the cabinet.

  • The orange flag can be seen above the snow covered cabinet or tall grass.



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