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Vacuum Switch Cabinets
Features & Benefits:

  • Rust free fiberglass construction.

  • Hot-dipped galvanized, silicon bronze penta-head bolt, and stainless steel hardware.

  • UV & Fire resistant.

  • Meets ANSI C57.12.28 Pad-Mounted Enclosure Integrity Standard.

  • P-107 stainless steel locking system provides double locking.

  • Cabinets accommodate a variety molded vacuum interrupter switchgear from Elastimold MVI/MVS fault interrupter switchgear, and G&W Trident switchgear.

  • Horizontally installed struts can be moved up or down to accommodate various electrical junction mounting brackets.

  • Double locking; penta-head bolt with hasp and provisions for a pad-lock provide security.

  • 18" or 36" high extensions available for the cabinets listed below.

  • Vacuum Switch Cabinets reduce installation time by being built ready to go.


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