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Secondary Tap Pedestals
Features & Benefits:

  • Tap pedestals allow for terminating 600V conductors in residential and small commercial applications.

  • 600V connectors are manufactured from high strength aluminum alloy to provide premium electrical and mechanical performance.

  • Connectors are evenly distributed between each other to give you room to work safely.

  • Will not rust or corrode.

  • Stainless steel and Aluminum hardware provide long term protection against rust.

ND-3624 Series 

Features & Benefits:

  • Connectors have a conductor range of 750MCM down to 1/O wire.

  • The ND-3624 series tap pedestals in heights of 36", 42", and 54" can accommodate up to 3 or 4 standard connectors with either 8, 10, or 12 ports.  (Lay-in connectors also available).

8 Port 750MCM

8 Port 750MCM

10 Port 750MCM

10 Port 750MCM

12 Port 750MCM

12 Port 750MCM


Features & Benefits:

  • ND-403264-MG-4HDB-L24750-X is the largest tap pedestal Nordic makes.

  • It stands 64” high, 40” wide at the top, and it's 32” deep.

  • It has an adjustable sturdy strut system can be moved vertically and horizontally to a position that works for you.

  • These 4 heavy duty fiberglass arms each accommodate one heavy duty 24 port 750MCM connector.

  • Fiberglass arms provide high dielectric insulating properties.

  • Conductor wire range is 750MCM down to 1/0.

24 Port 750MCM

24 Port 750MCM (Lay-in)

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