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PSP Series Secondary Pedestals    Features & Benefits:

  • PSP (horizontal double lock system with penta bolt and hasp).

  • PSPX (vertical single lock system with penta bolt).

  • PSPX2 (vertical double lock system with penta bolt and hasp bit).

  • A flange on the back of the cover interlocks to the base.

  • Designed for easy access to free standing secondary cables above grade.

  • For factory installed connectors click here.

  • Made from Copolymer-Polypropylene.

  • "WARNING & ELECTRIC", is imprinted on the top in raised lettering.

  • Cable entrances available.

  • It will not rust or corrode.

  • UV resistant.

  • PSP pedestals reduce installation time by being built ready to go.

  • Catalog page

  • Pedestal Installation

PSP Lock

PSP Lock



PSPX2 Lock

PSPX2 Lock

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