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Features & Benefits:

  • Light weight, yet built strong and durable for single phase transformers ranging from 25kVA up to 167kVA.

  • UV & Fire resistant.

  • Provisions for tie-down brackets.

  • Box pad’s built in extension accommodates one PSPT-151515-MG secondary lid and has room for three free standing six way connectors.

  • Plastic connector bracket is available.

  • Box pad’s interior cavity provides a raceway between the single phase transformer and secondary connectors.

  • Box pads reduce installation time by being built ready to go.                      


Guideline for determining product size:


GS-37-39-15-SP-L6350-MG-22x22 = 37"W x 39"D x 15"H 

SP = Secondary Pedestal (Centered)

L6350 = Lay-in 6 port 350MCM Connector (3x)

MG = Munsell Green
22x22 = 22”W x 22”D Top Opening

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