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PSP = Plastic Secondary Pedestal

151530 = W x D x H

MG = Munsell Green

L6600 = 6 Way 600MCM Lay-In Connector (3x)


Shipping Weight: 32 lbs. each

Pallet Quantity: 12

Pallet Cube Size: 53 x 32 x 92

(W x D x H)

Full Pallet Weight: 421 lbs.

  • Connector Bracket

    • PSP-151530-MG-L6350 and PSP-151530-MG-L6600 include a rigid plastic bracket that will accommodate either 6 way 350MCM or 600MCM connectors.
    • Each connector is covered with a clear plastic cover.
    • Wide open area makes it easily accessible to attach wires to connectors.

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