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o    Fast-Patch is a very unique, easy to use UV or sunlight activated, self-adhesive repair patch.

o    Easy application - just cut, peel and stick - finished.

o    Extremely durable, reinforced Polyester/Plastic

o    Flexible and waterproof

o    Weather and UV resistant

o    Can be drilled, sanded, and painted in less than an hour

o    Resistant against many chemicals, solvents and oils

o    Constantly Temperature resistant from -40°F to 392°F

o    No shrinkage or expansion during the application or after curing

o    Bonds to fiberglass, metal and PVC surfaces

o    Fast curing
(starting within 5 minutes depending on UV intensity)

o    The Fast-Patch is available in three sizes (inches):

o    FP-3x6

o    FP-6x9

o    FP-9x12


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